What is

Travel Assistance?

Travel assistance is a type of service that is custom-made for people going on domestic and international travels. It addresses the various risks that one may face during travels, including hospitalization, medical expenses, loss of luggage or documents, cancellation or disruption of flights, and various other costs.

Travel assistance covers you from the date of departure till your arrival back at the place of origin. For frequent fliers, a travel plan that remains effective for a certain period is more suitable as it covers multiple travels during the policy period.

How to Buy

Travel Assistance Plan?

You can buy a travel assistance services online by contacting the insurer’s office. While applying, you need to share the basic details like dates of travel, traveler details, coverage required, etc. Then you receive the quote, based on which you can select the travel assistance service that suits your requirement.

There are different types of travel plans customized for different travel needs. These include corporate, single, family , senior citizen, or student travel plans. You can purchase a travel plan that suits you the best.

You can also buy travel assistance services from brokers and agents.

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